Business Portfolio

Nivalis Group reunites companies that distinguish themselves by their unique technologies and exceptional expertise.

Two of our daughter companies design, develop, and produce equipment and innovative solutions to offer the world of industrial automation and manufacturing a competitive advantage and a fast return on investment. Another one of our businesses specializes in developing leading-edge solutions aimed at making a significant contribution to the advancement of health science.



Industry leader in high performance flexible feeding systems. Experts in 3-axis vibration technology, industrial vision systems and precision robotics.


Development and production of standardized turnkey solutions in industrial automation. Experts in micro manipulation, micro welding and visual inspection.


Pioneer in 3D bioprinting technologies. Leading-edge solutions in biotechnology and tissue engineering to enable scientific and clinical breakthroughs in Life Sciences.


Startup accelerator offering funding and a connected entrepreneurial platform.

Successful exits


Cost-effective power supplies for sputtering applications, enabling advanced high-tech coatings for industries such as flat panel displays, industrial coatings or solar photovoltaics.

In 2012, Solvix SA was acquired by Advanced Energy Inc., a Nasdaq traded company engineering the world’s most advanced power solutions for semiconductor and industrial manufacturers.


The first deep learning-based image analysis software, designed specifically for factory automation. Its artificial intelligence (AI) engine, which tolerates deviation and unpredictable defects, solves complex applications that are too difficult, tedious, or expensive for traditional machine vision systems.

In 2017, ViDi Systems SA is acquired by Cognex Inc., a Nasdaq traded company positioned as the world’s leading provider of vision systems, software, sensors, and industrial barcode readers used in manufacturing automation.