Katia Godts

Content Marketing Specialist

I create stories.

The different companies under the Nivalis Group umbrella are predominantly populated by engineers. These engineers develop extraordinary technologies to help industry players be more successful in their domain of specialty. I help our engineers tell their story.

I write content for web, social media, newsletters, press releases, and other marketing material. But before I start to write, I listen. I listen and learn about the technology, why it was developed, by whom, what it does exactly, who can benefit from it, and what message the company wants to convey to whom.

And as I am listening, a story reveals itself.

I admire anyone who has the courage, the ingenuity and the perseverance to create.

I’m fortunate to be working part-time, so I can spend time with my daughter and be her dedicated taxi driver to bring her to and fro sports activities, music classes, and other joyful happenings. I also co-manage an Artistic Swimming sports club and take Pilates classes to stay in shape.