High-tech, but human

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet."

We identify with this quote by former automobile racing champion Bobby Unser. Nivalis Group provides the environment in which startups can develop their unique products and technologies. We give them the support they need to be prepared, and create opportunities that allow them to expand their business.  

We believe in creating synergies and forge collaborative interactions to boost success and profitable growth.

Our professional experts

A collection of 1'800 billion brain cells.

Nivalis Group wants to give startups the opportunity to focus entirely on their core business.

They can call upon our team of professionals, who are there to support them with their expertise in business development, finance, marketing & communications, IT, general services and human resources. That’s a great collection of brain cells!

Nivalis Group Team Nivalis-Group-Business-Development Nivalis-Group-Finance Nivalis-Group-Marketing-Communications Nivalis-Group-Human-Resources Nivalis-Group-IT Nivalis-Group-Infrastructure
  • Nivalis Group Business Development Business Development
  • Nivalis Group Finance Finance
  • Nivalis Group Marketing & Communications Marketing & Communications
  • Nivalis Group Human Resources Human Resources
  • Nivalis Group Information Technology Information Technology
  • Nivalis Group Infrastructure Infrastructure

Technology Park Le Vivier

A place where innovative minds meet.

Technology Park Le Vivier encompasses 20,000 m2 of large industrial spaces, offices and laboratories. It integrates an auditorium, meeting rooms, a central reception desk and a restaurant, and has great parking facilities. This modern technology park offers startups optimal operating conditions.

Housing a mix of young startups and established businesses it’s a great place to boost innovation.

Technology Park Le Vivier