Nivalis Group

Nivalis Group advocates innovation and uses smart money investments to help high-tech startups develop unique products and technologies.

We support our daughter companies in their expansion into new markets and grow our current portfolio with complementary early-stage startups.  

We enable cross-fertilization to achieve continued success and increased profitability.

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Nivalis Group wants to give startups the opportunity to focus entirely on their core business. That is why we give them access to a comprehensive support organization and a team of professionals in business development, finance, human resources, general services, IT, marketing and communications.

  • Business Development
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Infrastructure
  • IT
  • Marketing & Communications

Technology Park

Le Vivier, a place to grow

Technology Park Le Vivier offers 20,000 m2 of large industrial spaces, offices and laboratories. It integrates an auditorium, meeting rooms, a central reception desk and a restaurant, and has great parking facilities. This modern technology park offers optimal operating conditions and houses a mix of young startups and established businesses.

A word from our Founder

« Nivalis Group sprouted from family owned capital and successful businesses in factory automation and solar capital equipment. Our entrepreneurial culture and hands-on approach maximize the chances for success in new ventures.»

Christophe Fragnière
Founder of the Nivalis Group

  • 2018

    CPA Group SA becomes Nivalis Group SA
    Integration of BS-Optics in Nivalis Group SA

  • 2017

    ViDi Systems SA sold to Cognex Corporation Inc.

  • 2014

    Acquisition of BS-Optics SA

  • 2012

    Founding of ViDi Systems SA
    Founding of VIVOS-Dental AG, a regenHU spin-off
    Solvix SA sold to Advanced Energy Inc.

  • 2011

    Acquisition of regenHU SA
    Founding of VENTURI Incubateur SA
    Inauguration of new Technology Park Le Vivier 20-22

  • 2010

    Founding of CPA Technology (MY)
    Start construction of new Technology Park le Vivier 20-22, Villaz-St-Pierre

  • 2009

    Renovation of le Vivier N° 21

  • 2007

    Founding of Asyril SA
    Founding of Vivier SA
    Acquisition of le Vivier N° 21, Villaz-St-Pierre

  • 2002

    Founding of CPA Group SA holding
    Acquisition of le Vivier N° 16, Villaz-St-Pierre
    Integration of CPAutomation SA in CPA Group SA
    Integration of Solvix SA in CPA Group SA