Nicolas Chiriotti

Chief Executive Officer

I accompany people, teams and organizations, helping them to develop a clear long-term vision and successfully realize it. 

The journey to successful business growth is filled with challenges. To lay the foundation for a strong future, I believe in combining team cross-functional competencies and individual experiences with a collaborative entrepreneurial attitude.

We, at Nivalis Group, consider ourselves a human-driven regional Private Equity. Our ambition is to be a reference for new promising technological companies that want to increase their chances to success. We offer stable financing, a structured approach to business development, a tailor-made accompaniment, and a smooth-running organization of experts.

“Stronger together.”

In my free time I enjoy practicing sports, particularly if it involves rackets or balls as it increases the fun level. My favorite one is tennis, as the combination of concentration, physical effort, strategy and tactics while adapting to the changing situation … makes it particularly enjoyable!